Scream ★★★★

Scream is my favorite slasher series by a pretty large margin, and this did not disappoint. I absolutely love the thematic exploration of both the series, and the slasher sub genre as a whole in todays world of intelligent psychological horror, it questions where films like this fit in that landscape. It has many of the same stuff as scream 4 about reboot/sequels because unfortunately slashers aren’t doing much new as they were in 2011. Imagine how cool it is for young directors of films such as Babadook, hereditary and the vvitch to get shout outs in this, like that’d be so cool to have that impact on the genre already that you get a scream reference. The only part of this that let me down was the killer reveal just because I had unrealistic expectations of some crazy shit happening. The visuals are probably my favorite part with especially how ghostface is shot, this is the most intimidating he’s ever been. He’s a force of nature in this and relentless. Seeing the original cast is great as always, but also the new cast more than held their own especially compared to like the scream 4 newbies. Jenna Ortega is a standout for me she’s a natural for a slasher film. Overall, this is a great entry in the most consistent horror franchise out there. It’s brutal and clever. Definitely in the top tier alongside the original and 4. More than held it’s own and earned it’s place alongside Wes Cravens work. The commentary on toxic fandoms being the true evil was pretty hilarious but also very true. Once again the coolest parts of these is how it’s better than the movies it’s talking about like the Halloween reboots/sequels whatever they are, but either way it’s better than those. Loved the cyclical aspect of it while also moving forward. Can’t wait for Scream 6 in 2033 🥳

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