The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

My first Wes Anderson film. I’ve been very interested in checking his films out since I pretty much started watching more movies last year because his style seemed very unique and specific and I love that from a director, especially when it’s such a particular visual aesthetic. The whole opening was such an exciting experience as I was adjusting to this very unique visual language. Everything is so perfectly framed, every background and person seems meticulously selected and placed like they are puppets and the whole thing has such an artsy vibe like I’m just watching a moving painting. I liken the experience to Nic Refn’s Only God Forgives where I spend the majority of the opening act deciding whether or not I love or hate it because the style is so jarring and I’ve never experienced anything like it before. Pink, blue, and purple are my top three favorite colors and that’s literally all this movie which is just like the most  perfect thing I’ve ever heard of, this story could be trash and I wouldn’t even care because of how visually addicting it is, but thankfully the story is just as engaging. The aspect ratios were so perfect as well for the shots. Let’s talk about the cast, like wow easily one of the greatest ever assembled. I would name them all, but I literally love all of them so it’s unnecessary. I was increasingly shocked when all of these legends just kept showing up, and new comers like Saoirse. She’s the young goat of our generation. I love the pacing of the film with the runtime being rather short, but it still feels like a massive journey with a lot happening. This duo is one of my favorite in film. They were so much fun and wholesome. Overall, one of the finest visual achievements of the 2010’s and also a beautiful story with both uplifting and comforting tones but some somber ones as well. Can’t wait to check the rest of this guy’s stuff because I can already say they are an experience like no other. I know like literally everyone has already seen this, but I’ll still say I think it’s essential for people interested in filmmaking especially because this is flawlessly made.
Shoutout to the homie this is our first week of recommending each other stuff and I couldn’t imagine a better start.

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