Carol ★★★★

I lied to you all back in December. I didn't like Carol. I don't know why. Maybe I shouldn't have seen it so fast. Maybe I wasn't having a good day. Who knows at this point. I gave this a re-watch last night.

I liked it.

I will say, I didn't love it though. I know that's the main review that goes on here that people are transcended to new worlds after watching it. It didn't exactly do that for me. It's easier to love the look and warm feeling of it, then to love it personally. Blanchett and Mara deliver two heart warming and nuanced roles that in just two glances at once another, does something to me. Blanchett can make creamed spinach over poached eggs sexy any day. I've been really admiring the feel of Hayne's films. Much like Far From Heaven this relies on the mise-en-scène to help you connect to the period. I would give this a third time. It has the Brokeback Mountain thing going for it where I'm not revolutionary changed but that's okay with me. I respect it. I marvel at the sight of it. I understand the love these two have and that's all the difference.

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