Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★½

Film #28 of April 2016 Scavenger Hunt
Task #4 : A film, which for whatever reason, you have pretended to see, but if you're actually being honest with yourself, you have never seen.


I finally see the hype surrounding Fight Club. It's really good you guys if you haven't already seen it which I'm assuming everybody but me has. Fincher is on his A game here with this one. Deep down you know this movie isn't even about a Fight Club there's so much more to it. Norton's Narrator character is the most physically and mentally demanding character I think I've seen... possibly ever. He has to tackle Tyler's shenanigans and subsequent perils and pitfalls of the men who take Fight Club to the 2.0 level. Pitt as the famous Tyler Durdan as well is great. Possibly his best role? He seems to get a lot of meaty and worthwhile performances when he's working with Fincher. I'm glad I finally watched this. I'm glad it had a deeper meaning of isolationism and mentality and making fucking soap. That's always nice.

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