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Yesterday, I finished Stephen King's novel just in time for this movie. I must say after all the hype and anticipation, I am PLEASED! This theatrical version of IT is a far superior story than any previously seen. It helps that the main thing I really liked about this was character development. Though characters like Mike and Stan were terribly thrown under the rug, other characters like Beverly and Bill were a bit more stretched out to understand their lives and emotions from where they came from. I can only hope for the others who didn't get that much attention, especially Mike, they get their due in the second half of the story.

The big question I got last night was "is this movie scary"? Yes! and No! Yes because certain elements to it are of course scary. There are more scenes showing the kids fears which I loved. There are added scenes of the kids encountering Pennywise. For the most part however, the scares are all jump scares. Typical. Say no more. And dear Pennywise our old friend. Fucking terrific. The writers and director handled IT pretty well in all forms.

Overall, this is a stellar King adaptation which seems almost rare to find these days. I will say it's a bit overlong and scenes in here drag it along, but then again look how long the source material is. It's great it counterbalances life for these kids in Derry as calm yet always vigilant of what could be lurking in the dark. I think in this new age of Stranger Things the setting of the 1980s brings nostalgia back for adult viewers who are watching and can remember that time. I liked the new setting. It doesn't change much of the story and gives you more an awareness if this were real, it only happened like 30 years ago. SPOOKY!

I NEED there to be a second chapter ASAP to see how it all wraps up.

Side note: The girl playing Beverly was outstanding and does she NOT look like Amy Adams? CAST AMY ADAMS AS ADULT BEVERLY.

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