The Company of Strangers

The Company of Strangers ★★★★★

Film #26 of May 2017 Scavenger Hunt
Task #26 : Watch a film from the neighboring country that geographically is the closest to where you are now (O, Canada!)

When my friend told me about this yesterday I was a bit skeptical at first mostly because I had never heard of it nor found myself with any need to watch it. I gave it a go and my goodness I am in love. This month has breezed by and I've seen some great stuff but none as beautiful as than this hidden gem on FilmStruck.

Plot is simple: Old ladies and their driver get lost in the woods with only a small house, a lake, their skills and stories to help pass the time before help comes. Scott does a remarkable job assembling these women (all basically playing themselves) together to make a heartfelt and connecting story. We learn about their lives and question what it is like to get old. Sitting around the house and occasionally taking a dip in the lake is their adventure. This is the most fun they have all probably had in years outside of their retirement home and we get to witness it first hand. I am gushing over the tranquility this film brought to me tonight.

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