The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

A happy surprised awaited me on the return home from Thanksgiving, a screener of this in the mail!

The first of Lanthimos' films I haven't been shocked by and that's not bad at all (Sacred Deer gave me heart palpitations). This was a hoot! I loved the black comedy in these among the three women. They're snarky, they're sophisticated and yet their modern women for their age just wanting to get ahead in life no matter the cost. I enjoyed Weisz the most! It's not a full representation of Queen Anne, but it's one for the most important stories of her reign that got me interested!

I'm reminded a lot of Amadeus and Barry Lyndon watching this. A lot of bold costume choices, beautiful production choices and camera angles that I didn't mind because it's a choice made, a choice taken and a choice done successfully.

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