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  • The Greatest Story Ever Told

    The Greatest Story Ever Told


    In the first half, or during the running time before the intermission, Stevens shows Christ and the events surrounding His recognition as the Messiah hoped for by the Jewish people under a rather lyrical light which combines the narrative from the Gospels and the poetry of motion pictures. As he also used other source material into the building of this majestic epic picture, the result is both dramatic and elating, tragic and felicitous in a way unique to the promises…

  • Marnie



    From what I remembered --I had caught Marnie once before on television--, this told the story of a blonde kleptomaniac who gets eventually raped by James Bond. The irony is that this somehow, somewhat, sometimes underrated Hitchcock mystery focuses on the elusive pathological psyche of a woman who doesn't exactly knows what happened at some crucial point in her life. Actually, she doesn't remember anything about it.

    Marnie (Hitchcock's favorite Tippi Hedren) is, without a doubt, a lady with a…

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  • Room



    Wow, this indeed took me by surprise. I went to the theater expecting anything, but this. Room moved my very soul.

    There I was, almost biting my nails because I feared for the little boy. So much, couldn't stand it. That alone would have been enough to commend this movie. However, this was no movie, this was virtually an spiritual experience.

    A 5-year-old kid and his mom. All they have in the world is each other. In the world, I…

  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

    The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie


    "The crème de la crème."

    Right away, you can sense a certain peculiarity not on the brightest side regarding Miss Brodie (Maggie Smith). For instance, there is something belittling in the way she treats her two new students on arrival. On the other hand, her unorthodox methods are suspicious to the all-girls school's director (Celia Johnson), but Brodie is unremitting and resourceful, her personality stronger than anyone else's --with the exception of one of her own girls, Sandy (Pamela Franklin).…