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  • Pit Stop

    Pit Stop


    The Winner AKA Pit Stop is certainly one of the most outstanding B movies ever made. Brilliantly written and directed by the master Jack Hill, it stars the late Richard Davalos in a tale about a man who sells his soul to the dark eventualities of material success.

    Kind of like a car racing version of The Hustler, in Pit Stop we have Brian Donlevy as an evil figure --remember George C. Scott reigning over the deep inside clandestine pool…

  • 1492: Conquest of Paradise

    1492: Conquest of Paradise


    The story of Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America, according to Ridley Scott, is one of a hero fulfilling his own destiny. That word, hero, possesses a connotation which surpasses History. Scott's lenses favour chiaroscuro images and close-up shots drawing a virtually titanic portrait of a man against all the odds imaginable in his quest to chasing his personal dreams --and changing the world in the process.

    Such narrative makes for an interesting and dense, universal and timeless, melodrama…

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  • The Last Samurai

    The Last Samurai


    Tom Cruise is a regretful ex American soldier who meets his destiny and true identity in this admirable epic drama directed by Ed Zwick.

    Mirroring his character in Born on the 4th of July, Cruise even has an early moment here very much like the one where Ron Kovic confesses his guilt to an understandably unforgiving mother. Beside its leading actor's persona, The Last Samurai can also evoke another 19th-century-set grand-scale production regarding a national tragedy in which the hero…

  • Shallow Grave

    Shallow Grave


    "Scottish" director Danny Boyle's first feature film is still my favourite among his works. There are many reasons for this, every one of them subjective, of course. For instance, I have never found Ewan McGregor to be that credible again. He is like Jennifer Lawrence --or, rather, it's the other way around--: she was so genuine in Winter's Bone (2010), but afterwards, no matter how hard she tries, and even when she is good, that purity is gone. Same with…