Christian Doig

Writer. Former professional film critic. Licenciado in Literature. Expert in Buñuel, Kazan, Brando, Dean, Gothic fiction.

Favorite films

  • The Young and the Damned
  • Daughter of Deceit
  • Susana: The Devil & the Flesh
  • The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz

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  • The Craft


  • A Kiss Before Dying


  • Mortal Thoughts


  • They Made Me a Criminal


Recent reviews

  • The Craft

    The Craft


    Four of them high school witches, but Robin Tunney and Neve Campbell sizzled.

  • A Kiss Before Dying

    A Kiss Before Dying


    "I'm a man with a shameful, sinister secret."

    The best adaptation of Ira Levin's first novel stars Robert Wagner as a psychopath or evil college student --you choose-- who is charming with the young ladies (two in particular) but only cares about their money. Because they have lots of it. (Not justifying the cold-hearted bastard, just saying.) Gerd Oswald almost directs the whole affair as if he was channeling Hitchcock*: the suspense can be that effective. Also, the cast is…

Popular reviews

  • The Grandmother

    The Grandmother


    David Lynch's head is one crazy beautiful place. This short film is an early nightmare turned into art. Poetry with chalky feelings and no morning dews.

    How was this possible in 1970? When Hitchcock was still the guidance to follow suit --remember Coppola's underrated Dementia 13 (1963) or Polanski's Repulsion (1965) and Rosemary's Baby (1968)--, Lynch retreated to more primitive impulses and began the development of a new kind of horror.

    I can even see the seeds of Goth giving…

  • Let It Be

    Let It Be


    A few random thoughts:

    --The film becomes gloomy --gloomier-- whenever Yoko Ono appears. Get back, Yoko.
    --I think I never noticed the pimple near Ringo's lips before. Ah, my attention span.
    --George helping Ringo write "Octopus's Garden" warmed my heart.
    --Well, I guess if Yoko wasn't there, John would have already punched Paul in the mouth. Bossy guys always talk way too much.
    --At least Paul's little stepdaughter (?) is adorable. Her interaction with Ringo was very cute.
    --And, to…