Let It Be

Let It Be ★★★★★

A few random thoughts:

--The film becomes gloomy --gloomier-- whenever Yoko Ono appears. Get back, Yoko.
--I think I never noticed the pimple near Ringo's lips before. Ah, my attention span.
--George helping Ringo write "Octopus's Garden" warmed my heart.
--Well, I guess if Yoko wasn't there, John would have already punched Paul in the mouth. Bossy guys always talk way too much.
--At least Paul's little stepdaughter (?) is adorable. Her interaction with Ringo was very cute.
--And, to be fair, McCartney's songs are the best this time around. In particular, "The Long and Winding Road", one of the greatest and saddest ever and EVER.
--More greatness: everything by George, Lennon's "Dig a Pony" and "Across the Universe" and "Don't Let Me Down".
--No, you can't avoid hating on Paul during this --poor George--, as much as you can't stop loving his "Bésame mucho" opera-like vocal performance.
--That Apple rooftop looked freezing.
--What a lucky audience.
--Does it say "Assman" on Paul's bass? My eyes.
--Fuck the police. (And the squares who called them.)