The Making of Sgt. Pepper ★★★½

Hosted by The South Bank Show's Melvyn Bragg and narrated by The Beatles' producer George Martin, this is a well-made TV-documentary about one music album still considered by many to be the greatest ever released in pop history.

Filmed inside the Abbey Road studios, and with the then three surviving band members (George Harrison and Ringo Starr appear separately, while the ever-conspicuous Paul McCartney shares the monitor room with Martin once again) as main interviewees, it is a pretty riveting insight into the extraordinary creativity that went into each track of the psychedelic work, as Martin elaborates on the precious technical efforts that the whole output needed.

If you feel this is very much in the style of the VH1's Classic Albums series, I'll tell you this was the first unofficial episode of that production. Not surprisingly, it is a telling "pilot", but it would have been even better if the filmmakers had doubled the length just for the occasion, because there's certainly a wealth of stories and valuable information that didn't make the cut.

Still, watching this documentary should remind people of the real input our melodic universe owes to Sir George (1926-2016), a pioneering professional in his field without whose timely proficiency those timeless sounds would have never gotten to be recorded and eventually listened to, adding to the true beauty of this world.