Christian Flemm

Born St. Petersburg. Gleaner.

Всё будет так. Исхода нет.

Favorite films

  • Tree of Knowledge
  • Watersmith
  • Smorgasbord
  • The Holy Bunch

Recent activity

  • Winter

  • Wasteland No. 1: Ardent Verdant

  • Fog Line

  • Aquarien

Recent reviews

  • Nashörner


    Tight yet didactic, balancing thousands of single-frame edits and Lumiére-esque actuality footage, recalling early Emigholz in its relationship to film-time, but also (much, much earlier than that) Muybridge.

  • Ménilmontant


    Screened on 16mm at Z Bar in Berlin. The print was a dupe in the collection of the French collective Braquage (har har), who presented Ménilmontant with Sébastien Ronceray's interesting deconstruction of The General Line, Indécryptées*, preceding. That the print itself was of middling quality, blowing out the highlights and crushing the blacks of the 35mm original, only enhanced the aspects of Kirsanoff's film I enjoy. Ménilmontant as a light show: pure rhythm, pure speech. It's a shame I still…

Popular reviews

  • C'est la vie !

    C'est la vie !

    In honor of Paul Vecchiali's 90th birthday, Bingham Bryant and I thought to translate a short article on the making of C'est la vie, penned by fellow Diagonale co-conspirator Jean-Claude Biette! The piece was published several months prior to the film's release in Cahiers du cinéma nº 315 , September 1980.

    A Feature in Four Days: C’est la vie
    by Jean-Claude Biette

    On June 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, Vecchiali directed a feature film – 90 minutes of Scope color,…

  • Russian Lullabies

    Russian Lullabies

    My name is Nobuhiko Ōbayashi. I am a filmmaker from Japan. During the spring, summer and winter of 1992, I traveled throughout Russia. My goal was to learn about Russian lullabies.

    By the time the first snow fell on Berlin in 1990, the wall that had once partitioned the city into East and West, Communist and Capitalist, was decorating mantelpieces across newly-unified Germany. By the same time in 1992, the ashes of the Soviet Union lay scattered across the hearth.…