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  • Searching



    Not enough ppl talk about just how well directed and edited this is.  Or just how good it is for that matter.  Pls see this as soon as you can!

  • Sideways



    Watched this again w my family, still a great movie I really can’t say enough good things about.  As opposed to the first viewing where I felt like I related to Miles, he really annoyed me this time, which is interesting.  I still love the dynamic both Miles and Jack share tho and is by far the best part of this movie.  This is one I’ll show everyone in my life bc it truly is that great!

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  • Run



    Good thing I saw this at home so I could scream very loudly at the screen.  Despite its very obvious plot holes, this works very well as an entertaining film and I recommend it!

  • Freaky



    Feeling conflicted on my rating for this one.  Cool concept for a movie, although its execution is a little flawed.  I really don’t buy Kathryn Newton as someone who was bullied a lot in school bc she’s actually gorgeous irl and in the movie too.  I also don’t think the dialogue of the characters was always very natural.  There were some really fun kills tho and Vince Vaughn did a really good job.  I see this director def going places in the industry for sure.  Check it out if you can!  It’s worth your time despite its flaws.