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  • Incendies



    One plus one equals one.

  • Martyrs



    If you have not lost your faith in humanity yet, this movie might help.

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  • Us



    'Us' is like a play in three acts.

    The first act, which I call 'Visitors', is creepy as hell (nothing is scarier than people standing still and not uttering a word). The second act - I call this 'Chaos' - is decent, but some 'rescues' are a bit cheap and predictable. The third and final act, 'Revelation', is just as thrilling as the first one (especially the flashback 'puppet' sequences are pretty amazing).

    Verdict: four stars.

  • It Follows

    It Follows


    'Final Destination' meets 'The Ring'. Simple yet clever plot. Great opening scene. Some truly creepy moments (the old woman approaching the school building, the man on the roof, …). And what to say about the musical score! Minimalistic, eerie. An effective horror film.