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  • Bringing Out the Dead

    Bringing Out the Dead


    Could've been pretty good on the hands of a director.

  • Doppelgänger



    Robert Parrish started his career editing the films of John Ford, and being forced to study attentively the master's material must have made quite an impact on the way he would shape his own, because not only he learned the importance of Ford's focus on conceptual and emotional undercurrents which both substantiated and could counterpoint the "big theme", he abolished the requisite for anything "big" on the B-grade genre films he was assigned to make. In the last three days…

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  • Interstellar


    As in the last Batman movie, there is at least one moment where you can see someone actually interested in cinema, almost surrendering to the instinct of making an honest B-movie. Halfway through, despite the irregularity, I believed it would at last abandon Nolan’s most annoying traits and then could end up being just a good, straightforward sci-fi blockbuster, indebted to a dozen other vastly superior works, but still… No. Nolan finally recalls that what he sells is horrible talking…

  • Djinn



    Just finished this translation (a bad translation, I'm afraid, my english is not the best) of a long review I wrote last year as part of a dossier on Tobe Hooper. It was intended as a follow up to an essay about the core ideas in his films, mostly The Funhouse and Poltergeist (which I want to post on the blog soon), but if you've seen those I don't think there will be any problems understanding the references. A lot…