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  • To Sleep with Anger
  • Sans Soleil
  • Three
  • Northwest Hounded Police

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  • Dracula


  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire


  • The Keep


  • Excalibur


Recent reviews

  • Chicken Real

    Chicken Real

    "The story of how two brothers and five other men parlayed a small business loan into a thriving chicken goods concern is a long and interesting one. And here it is. It all began with the fling of Form 63 7 / A - the application for a small business or farm...."

  • We Go Way Back

    We Go Way Back

    I still struggle with the words regarding Lynn's passing. But I will say, I haven't felt so connected with other people so much during this ongoing pandemic. No, forget that, I haven't felt so connected in much, much longer if I'm being honest. Playing a part in helping connect 500 people to pay tribute to her life and work online is simply an honor. And while Lynn was supposed to be there with us, the fact that we still came…

Popular reviews

  • My Life as a Zucchini

    My Life as a Zucchini


    The most surprising and sincere animated film since Ernest and Celestine. What a revelation, and what an insane prospect to distribute in the US, but let's just imagine that children aren't fucking morons for a second and give them credit for being able to understand real nuance in life and death.

  • A Summer at Grandpa's

    A Summer at Grandpa's


    There's an expectation of nostalgia embedded into a film like this, yet at seemingly every turn, a fresh horror comes around the bend and reminds you of those formative misdeeds that shook you into realizing you're not the center of the world. Yet if you just look at the surface, idyllic is what you may still find. That's memory for ya.