21 Jump Street ★★★★

🕊🚨1st Watch🚨🕊

This has been one of my biggest Cine-Shames of the last decade. I feel like everybody’s seen this, loves it, and says I need to see it. After seeing Ms. Hogan’s review singing it’s praises and the fact I really needed a pick me up today I went for it.


I echo the masses. I HAD SO MUCH FUN 😄

I can’t say I’ve laughed this much at a comedy in a long time. So many hilarious bits, but the chase scene with the non-exploding trucks bit on the highway to the school play was my favorite sequence.

The performances all around were perfect. Jonah and Tatum we’re a tailor-made odd-couple duo. Ice Cube, Franco, Riggle, Larson, and fuck basically every minor character nailed their roles so well. And what a great cameo by Depp.

Can certainly see this one being something I rewatch a bunch and excited for the sequel.

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