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This review may contain spoilers.

📽The Experience
Before I get to the movie, for those of you who read my Infinity War review and knew I was nervous about making through this movie because of my health issues...I DID!!! Minus a couple moments in the start I felt good the entire movie and was able to watch without any discomfort.

When I got home my mom actually cried because she knew how much the movie meant to me, knows what I’ve gone through, and knows even the tiniest ounce of happiness is a big deal for me.

🕹The Movie 
I probably won’t go too deep into dissecting the movie yet, but I adored it. An instant favorite. Tops Infinity War just because of the emotional effect on me. Infinity War moved me but not in the way Endgame did. I mean I went through ALL of my tissues. I did not at all expect Nat to die. Wow. And Tony's death just destroyed me. The entire climax of the movie was perfect but the actual end culminating in “I. Am.....Iron Man.” And calling back one of my favorite movie endings of all time leading into Rhodey, Peter, and Pepper’s goodbyes, leading into the funeral, and then topped by his message couldnt have been more of a beautiful end. It’s up there for me with Logan or William Wallace as my favorite movie deaths. 

I’ll go one further though. Between all of his appearances...seeing everything he’s gone through from the anxiety, to the guilt, to Ultron, to the Cap feud, to living his worst fear at the end of IW, to how he starts off this movie, and finally to where he ends able to finally rest. I think it’s my favorite character arc of any reoccurring movie character.

Overall I couldnt have asked for more of a rewarding experience. If theres one thing that separates the MCU from all other storytelling is creating this massive network of web containing so many different storylines and characters and cleverly making them weave together in unique and satisfying ways. It’s such a complicated web but it never feels contrived or awkward

Well, Endgame somehow managed to top it all with the time travel concept. I loved the premise of them going back to pull of separate heists for all the stones and all the different team ups that transpired. I loved all the challenges each went through. I loved how they tied Nebula’s mind network into all of it. Lastly weaving Frigga, Howard, Peggy, and all of the past stories/movies from The Dark World, Guardians, and the OG Avengers in the way it did was nothing short of brilliant writing.

💭Random Thoughts
❤️this Thor was the best Thor. Every joke landed for me and whenever he was on screen I couldn’t help but giggle. I’m so down for Asgaurdians of the Galaxy.
❤️Favorite moment was Cap getting the hammer. I let out a very loud "OH!!!!" when nobody else around me reacted and I was not embarrassed in the least
❤️Awesome allusion and subversion of the Winter Soldier elevator scene
❤️Loki’s cameo with him using the Tesseract was hilarious
❤️There’s so much movie in this movie. I feel like I won’t be able to watch any other movie and not feel underwhelmed. I feel like I need to go on a two month movie hiatus until the epic-ness that’s infused into my body has finally dissipated. That’s not going to happen but it’s how I feel right now.

So there’s a lot more I want to say because this movie has some scary connections to my own life, but I’ll save the more personal write-up and what this movie means to me for my next write-up.

I’m just eternally grateful. I’m grateful for being able to get through the movie. With the pain I’ve gone through, it made this particular experience one of my favorite movie experiences and legitimately one of the best days of my lives.

I’m grateful for Stan Lee, Ditko, and Kirby who are looking down on the world beaming with pride for what their creations have brought to so many. I’m grateful for the unbelievable accomplishment of this movie and how everything culminated. I couldnt be more grateful for every single person that's had a hand in creating this movie and the MCU overall. I cant imagine we will see something like this in a long time, probably well after we are all dead.

I’m so grateful I got to be alive for this journey.

Also now that Im finally delving into reviews and reactions, I just fucking love when so many people love a movie together. I love the positivity. So grateful so many people are satisfied.

This is the power of movies and it’s why this website/app exists and has so many awesome people. Movies are the best.

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