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This review may contain spoilers.

🚂🔧1st Viewing🔧🚂

While not the first person to draw this comparison, this movie basically feels like Oceans 11 meets the Avengers and I am all about it. This marks the only other franchise that seems to have successfully tie everything together from multiple movies other than the MCU. All of the seeds that were carefully planted the last four movies have steadily grown and this is where we experience the fruits. And how fuckin sweet it is. 🍉😘👌🏼

Even with the knowledge some of the cast was coming back from seeing images and posters, it still didn’t diminish the joy of seeing Tej, Roman, and Gisele. And especially Vince and Han who I DIDNT know were coming back and was super surprised and extremely thrilled.

I dug the introduction of Hobbs a lot. A fun character and since Brian and Dom are amicable now and we don’t have the magnetic contention that made the first and fourth movies so engaging introducing a new foil format Dom that is now his physical and imposing equal was a perfect dynamic to introduce.

Where this movie shines is obviously it’s action. Maybe not in the upper echelon, but I’d posture it being in whatever non-existent action Hall of Fame if there was one. Love started with the end of the last film. The train heist, The roof jumping chase, the four way police car, Hobbs and Dom fight, the ambush after they got captured, and then lastly the epic heist climax full of twists and turns.

That last set piece, despite its progressive untethering from reality was so masterfully choreographed and fun to watch. They took the premise of this massive safe being dragged and as if it were a wet towel squeezed every last bit of moisture of creativity from it. 

They blended practical and digital effects so well and some of the practical set pieces like the train sequence and the car that got sliced in half from the chain attached to the safe were so awesome to watch. Once again the fact this is regarded as the best movie is proof that when a movie focus’ its resources on practical effects with digital in a auxiliary role, that’s the type of action that people love and enjoy. On visceral, unconscious level audiences know the difference and it augments the impact of all of these scenes.

This movie is so frenetic and there’s always a lot of energy and movement. This is above all else an action movie and it delivered that in droves.

I also appreciated the amplified heist element to this. There was always a heist compenent to these movies but it was in the background but this was a full on heist movie. The beginning train heist was a blast and hit you in the face with what this movie was going to be. But then with the team up with all the different role players down to the planning, and the final ultimate unveiling twist this really delivered on that sub genre promise.

While the first four’s family theme was present this one really validated all the jokes about family this series gets. It is in your face about it but I love the cheesiness of it. More importantly, it’s not just talk. Ever since the first one I really do feel the found family these characters have with one another and here that dynamic continues to develop beautifully, especially with Mia being pregnant. When she tells Brian and Dom I teared up a bit. Gah I just love this family! So cute. I’m excited to see how that thread pans out.

I’ll make these fast and not so furious because I didn’t care all that much considering what this movie set out to be.
- the acting and dialogue still hasn’t improved much. But it’s consistent and works well enough
- I dug the introduction Hobbs a lot. A great character and since Brian and Dom are amicable now and we don’t have the magnetic contention that made the first and fourth movies so good 
- despite liking Hobbs, The Rocks acting was a little wooden. Felt like he was trying a bit too hard to play the part, but hopefully he settles into the role going forward
- The logic and physics of this movie are put even more on the back burner. Not a big deal at all.
- That post credit scene didn’t work for me and didn’t really get me excited.

🏁In Conclusion
First of the franchise that I’ve loved and I really loved it. The last three weren’t bad but it was getting tired. This revitalized me though. I want more! This movie honestly could’ve been a perfect end to the series with the way it ended but I’m glad it didn’t stop. While I hear Fast 5 is the peak for many and gets progressively worse now, I’m still excited for the ride.

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