Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★

🤖👍🏼1st Viewing🤖👍🏼

This is simultaneously so different from the original yet such a logical progression of the story and the genre change from sci-fi horror to focusing on sci-fi action was a great choice and suited this franchise so well.

The story is similar but Sarah Connor is a totally different character and I can finally see why she’s considered one of the most badass female heroes ever. The Terminator is now a good guy but also a stellar choice to reframe the story while also injecting the franchise with a lot of emotion and morality that allowed me to connect to it way more. And on top of that this movie has a lot more levity, comedy, and is more fun. It’s such a radical change in tone but I loved it and it doesn’t feel like it’s different enough that it’s jarring.

The effects were way better. The practical effects especially with the vehicles were awesome. Some of the digital effects with the T-1000 becoming distorted pieces of metal was so gnarly looking. 

Linda Hamilton’s acting really gave this movie and narrative the weight it needed to make the action matter. Arnold is doing great being a robot, and Furlong’s a kid and his acting shows it a lot, so Linda’s trauma and desperation sucked me I to this world and cared about it’s fate and their mission to change it.

Loved it. Definitely enjoyed more than the first. Now I gotta decide if I want to continue with this franchise or just pretend it ended there since it is such a lovely conclusion and the sequels are very panned.

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