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  • The 40 Year Old Virgin

    The 40 Year Old Virgin


    A nice balance of filth and sweet.

  • Legion


    Start your film year with a bit of Paul Bettany I thought. Always worth watching him. 
    Well this was shit. Even with Paul Bettany.

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  • Hellraiser: Revelations

    Hellraiser: Revelations


    Hahahaha! So fucking terrible I thought I'd opened the Lament Configuration myself.

  • After Earth

    After Earth


    Shark Sandwich.

    I wish I could leave it at that but I can't. Holy fuck balls this was as bad as I'd heard. I went in thinking "Man, everyone jumps on board and starts bashing on these movies. I bet it's actually OK."

    I WAS SO FUCKING WRONG. I wish I hadn't been. The premise sounded cool. I wasn't enamoured with the idea of Willienium and Son but I was prepared to give it a whirl.
    They got nothing right…