Back to the Future Part II ★★★★★

I adore this film so much. I have no idea when I actually saw this for the first time but I do know that I couldn't wait for the day I got my hands on a hoverboard. I still can't. I've been impatiently waiting since that first glimpse. Now that my first child is on it's way I now hope that I'll be able to buy one for them. Although I'm now at the stage where I'll be pissed off if they get a hoverboard and I don't get a pair of the awesome Nike Air Mags with Power Laces. Those ones released a few years ago were nice but a) I couldn't afford them b) They didn't have power laces and c) weren't in my size.

Anyway, the film. It's awesome.
Yes; there's errors in the timelines and slight inconsistencies but that's what you get with a time travel movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. It pokes fun at itself and is wondefully self referential. They took the time to get what they needed right. As this video shows they put some serious effort in and it pays off. It's the fact they paid attention to those details which makes this movie great.