You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here ★★★★

Oh my Joaquin Pheonix is an absolutely incredible actor. I'm convinced any movie he's in is instantly made better just by him being there.

Seeing him play a brutal hitman was a role I personally haven't seen him even come close to playing until now, but man did he nail it. He is both intimidating and brutal. Especially in this movie. Man bun, Santa beard Joaquin is the last person I'd want to mess with.

Joaquin Pheonix isn't the only thing that's brutal and intimidating in this flick. This movies score is both daunting and intimidating. It's dark as hell and doesn't let up almost at all. The camera work was gorgeous as well. I found it super similar to Taxi Driver camera work wise, and obviously that's a very, very good thing.

This made me love Joaquin even more than I already did, and I genuinely cannot wait for The Joker to come out in October. Check this out for a movie that's both beautiful and brutal.

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