Hostel: Part II ★★

Hoop-Tober 2017 Entry #21

Was HOSTEL PART II supposed to turn the "franchise" on its head? All it really did for me was pretty much write Eli Roth off as a filmmaker I have any interest following. It's a movie that aims for irony but really just falls into another kind of cliche.

The quick summary: Second verse, same as the first, although this time it's girls getting kidnapped and bid on for the exclusive torture/death club and you get a small glimpse of the inner workings of the club as the movie cross cuts with two gentlemen who win a bid. Things of course go horribly wrong for all involved. But hey! That girl from WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE is in it, events she's reduced to a simpering caricature of a person.

I can kind of get used to Roth's frat boy mentality to horror - and to give some credit where it's due, the guy knows how to make film. His perspective though is so skewed to cheap gags and gore that any interesting point he's trying to make gets lost pretty quickly. And the opportunity to get a unique perceptive on the kind of people who would bid for the opportunity to torture and kill another human being is just another excuse to lay on more gore and queasy taste.

On the other hand, you DO get to see a guy's genitalia chopped off and fed to a dog, so you mileage may certainly vary with this film. Have at it.