Prom Night ★★½

Hoop-Tober 2017 Entry #6

Learning most of the wrong lessons from the slashers made popular in America, this Canadian production tries but ultimately fails to do much more than give us a wonderful few moments of Jamie Lee Curtis dancing.

The quick summary: A young girl goes into an abandoned hospital to played "Killer Killer" or something with four other kids, who taunt and bully her until she falls out of a window and dies. The four kids swear to never tell a soul and leave. 8 years it's Prom Night and someone (dressed in a sparkling black ski mask) is exacting revenge one by one.

Besides the fact that PROM NIGHT caters to the tired cliche even back then of having none of its cast look remotely like high school students, where the film really suffers is its lack of action, forward movement, any scares at all, and a final sequence that juts fizzles out. You figure out pretty quickly who the killer is, and then wait almost an hour for that killer to actually kill anyone. When they do it can have its amusing moments - there's one fun moment when, after killing one of the girls in a van the dude who was "with" her (beautifully named Slick) jumps into the van and takes of, prompting the killer to sum onto the side of the van. So at least that was funny. Otherwise you have a wasted Jamie Lee Curtis who gamely dances her way through a few scenes, and Leslie Nielsen does less than nothing as the father/principal of the school.

I wish there was something more here, but despite the great title and a beautiful JLC in her prime, PROM NIGHT is pretty much a waste.