Raw ★★★½

Hoop-Tober 2018 Entry #11

If there's a movie that can make me squirm as much as RAW did, hats off to it. A twisted, volatile tale of cannibalism and awakening sexuality, there are kinships to the fantasy of Neil Jordan's A COMPANY OF WOLVES, but here the metaphors and images take on a decidedly more grisly display.

The quick summary: Justine, a shy, quiet vegetarian goes off to veterinary school where she is quickly and brutally indoctrinated into the fraternity of students, including her older sister. After eating raw rabbit kidneys as part of a hazing ritual, she begins to develop a taste for flesh, leading to some truly twisted events that may have their roots deeper than she knows.

Featuring lush cinematography and some great performances, particularly from Garance Millilier as Justine, RAW plays with a lot of taboo moments in its attempt to evoke the fear and visceral moments that mark a woman's entry into adulthood. There are so many moments between Justine and her older sister Alexia that feel genuine in their delicate, funny, and terrifying moments. Couple that with some truly disturbing moments - this is by far the most awkward bikini wax scene I've ever seen - and RAW more than earns its horrific moments.

Bloody, gross, funny, and just generally a great movie, RAW is something everyone should experience at least once. Preferably before a wax.