The House of the Laughing Windows

The House of the Laughing Windows ★★★

Hoop-Tober 2022 Entry #12

There are certain things we come to expect when we sit down with a giallo, named for the yellow color adorning lurid tales of sex and murder popular in Italy as far back as the 30s: twisted violence and garish colors. Point of view kills. Hands covered in black gloves. Women in peril. We tend to stick to the cliches made popular by the films that captured the public’s imagination thanks to Argento, Bava and others, but what makes THE HOUSE WITH LAUGHING WINDOWS so singular is its ability to evoke much of the same tension and disturbing tone without so many of the touchstones the genre has created in film. Don’t worry, though. There’s more than enough to make this stand with the classics thanks to director Pupi Avati sticking the landing and making the film more than just a vehicle for violence.

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