Annihilation ★★½

It’s rather disappointing to have to admit that I didn’t come out liking this as much as I had hoped I would. The movie starts out strong. The story is setup beautifully, the characters faults are established and the cinematography inventive. We learn over time that a mysterious object fell out of the sky and has since slowly been pushing out an expanding, pearlescent shimmer through which two teams were sent and no one returned — except for Natalie Portman’s husband who upon arrival at their shared home doesn’t feel like himself anymore. 

It’s at this point that the movie has all the necessary building blocks to push the boundaries of though provoking sci-if cinema but instead chooses to rely on grade school level dialog and deadpan science level exposition to showcase one more time how trippy this “alien” world really. I expected more of a team of four top-tier scientists.

Obvious plot holes aside, it’s easy to see how much potential the story has right at the setup, which while beautiful, unfortunately makes the remaining hour and forty minutes and exercise in eye rolling.