Hereditary ★★★★

This movie.

When I heard that a slow burn horror movie by A24 was coming out I did everything to try and avoid spoilers, and I’m glad I did. 

Hereditary brings what the horror genre has grossly been missing over the last decade or two. Monsters or ‘The First Purge’ aren’t scary. You know what’s scary? Grief, loss, indifference, lonelyness. Not since Requiem have my eyes watered (not crying but actually watered) from how unnerving and uncomfortable some scenes were to watch. The cinematography alone promotes a feeling of dread while also totally circumventing expectations in the best way. 

That being said I gave it 4 stars because i felt like the third act lacked the pacing, finesse and execution that the movie had earlier. Regardless, if you’re a horror and suspense fan, you need to see this in the best theater you can find and then promptly schedule an appointment with a therapist.