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  • Day for Night

    Day for Night

    The film which Jean-Luc Godard infamously called a “lie”. He detested the lack of a political statement - Truffaut’s 'expose' on the film industry here is essentially Act IV, Scene IV of A Winter’s Tale; a light-hearted ensemble piece with little tension or consequence. Besides, why would Truffaut choose to emulate Godard’s abrasive edge when, a) he failed at being political when he adapted Fahrenheit 451, and b), Godard's films come 1973 were patronising and impenetrable?

    Day For Night tells…

  • The Truman Show

    The Truman Show

    One day I’ll write a dissertation - maybe even a book - on The Truman Show. The task feels insurmountable right now as I want to get it perfect. Problem is, 15+ viewings later and I’m still picking up subtle details. I can’t exactly be an authority on it if I’ve yet to see half the film.

    This time I caught Meryl and Sylvia’s manipulative eye movements, the mysterious man with the suitcase directing extras, I finally twigged on the…