Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★

(Watched this and The Last Crusade last night but I’m logging them now) 

Like with Raiders, I’ve seen this many times but I still don’t get how it’s a prequel. This is exactly how I remember it. Not as strong as the first but still a really fun movie even though it still has those slight pacing issues. 

I don’t mind the darker and more occult story but it just doesn’t feel entirely right for the character. Yeah the first one dipped its toes into the supernatural but not as much as this one. 

I can see why people find Willie annoying but honestly I find her character really charming. Like she’s just some random girl who gets thrown on this globetrotting adventure and I’ve always found that funny. 

The mine cart scene is a peak action scene as well and there are plenty of fun sequences in here.

I remember seeing that guy get his heart ripped out of his chest at 8 years old. Good times indeed.

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