My Beautiful Laundrette

My Beautiful Laundrette ★★★½

Feeling a little mixed with this one. There's quite a bit to like in terms of acting, the various stories at play as well as the window into Thatcher-era England and the class/racial divide during that time is something I have no insight on. On the other hand, the way we are just thrown into the world with no understanding of the interpersonal relations characters have makes some of their initial interactions confusing and for others once you learn more about them, even more confused. It's also not an instance of me not getting it but rather a purposely done choice but I can't really understand why. There are a few exceptions to that rule but most of the story seemed to jump around from one character and story beat to another with no sense of logic or tonal consistency.
I read Kumail Ninjiani wants to make a serialized TV show about this film and while I can't speak to his work too well, this film does seem to be asking, nay begging, for a second rinse cycle.

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