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  • Icebreaker



    Why? What’s your favorite Bruce Campbell movie?

  • Ma



    If you told me this movie was made in Canada in 1986, I wouldn’t bat an eye. It’s so bizarrely edited and deliciously campy that it would fit right in with Prom Night 2.

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  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    Picture Robocop. Imagine it starts 6 years after Murphy turns into Robocop. But it also starts with a flashback of the entire process of Murphy becoming Robocop. And then the first hour of the movie is Robocop trying to figure out how he became Robocop. Even though we the audience already saw the whole thing.

    The whole movie is a scattered mess of story and tone. It suffers from the common Marvel problem in which every single character is the…

  • Child's Play

    Child's Play


    Not only is this better than the original, it is the most tonally and thematically perfect film I’ve seen this year. I hate that its “remake” status is deterring so many people from seeing it. I would prefer if it were just called Buddi and was completely divorced from Tom Holland.