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  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople


    A superb comedy drama with amazing music, perfect cast and beautiful direction. This film is so tight, such a gem of a short story with such a soft touch. The humour is deadpan, self defacing and Taiki Waititi still manages to lovingly portray his characters without being disrespectful. And the characters are a sheer joy, cartoonish maybe but loveable flawed people that you can easily relate to. The dialogue is superb, sometimes down to earth, sometimes surreal (Baba Ganoush!) but…

  • The Princess Bride

    The Princess Bride


    This is a fun fairytale that does not take itself too seriously. It has a fun mocking tone, where comedians cameo just to have a laugh. I found the pace a bit slow although the lead trio were great fun to watch. There is little chance that there will be another film like this, so its status as a classic is well deserved, even if it were only pretty good.

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  • Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch


    Not perfect, but a lot better than I expected. The fight scenes are a bit like music videos, but this is fine, as the ideas and main characters are the drive here and not the action. It's not quite inception, but the film covers about as many themes and ideas as Snyder's watchmen, which is impressive for his first non-adaptation.

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    This is a breath of fresh air for marvel, rather like Ant man was. This is not as light and comedic as that film, but it certainly is a fun ride. The journey is not so much what the character goes through but what powers and abilities he discovers. These are not your normal superhero powers and feel fun and exciting on screen. The effects are incredible and all the cast play it with a perfect tone.

    One thing that…