It's Kind of a Funny Story ★★★★

This is a film based on a book, and that is glaringly obvious from the get go. The lead narrates, lets you in on his thoughts and the camera never leaves him. Fortunately, he's likeable enough that this is never a problem.

It could have been a big one, considering the main story concerns a suicidal teenager checking himself in for rehab, but the message is clear from the start; this a feel good tale of overcoming. This has all the schmaltz, hippy trappings, predictable storylines and one dimensional side characters that suggests, but this won me over. There were moments that seemed too picture perfect but others were stunningly beautiful.

While technically this is unadventurous and plays it safe throughout, the leads play their parts well enough to make the ride a fun one. It feels like the low budget indie film that it is, but it has considerable charm. It left me with a massive smile on my face and feeling good about life, and that's all you can ask from a film about depression.