Esteros ★★★★

Here’s the thing: at this point, we all know the tropes, twists, turns, and turmoils of a standard queer love story. So, in order for your movie to stand out from the rest, it needs to at least have characters that are interesting enough for us to care about their by-the-numbers romance.

And that’s why I loved Esteros: sure, we’ve seen this exact same movie a thousand times before, but Jero and Matías intrigued me, I wanted to spend time with them, I wanted them to end up together, to kiss, to fuck, to fool around in the water.

Trust me, there are so many queer movies out there where I’m not even the least interested in the cute, shirtless twinks on screen; so for Esteros to bring the giggling fangirl in me and make me cheer for its characters is pretty much a triumph.

I’m also glad it didn’t over-complicate the main conflict and didn’t introduce jarring elements like violence or silly misunderstandings just so the characters had more hoops to jump through. It was simple, cute, sexy, a little bit geeky, and harmless. That’s all I needed from it. 


PS. (and I guess this is a spoiler) It’s the 2010’s, so every single gay romance with a happy ending has my automatic support. Haven’t we had enough tragedy for a lifetime? We stan happy endings. I’m looking at you, God’s Own Country.

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