Top 3

Top 3 ★★★★★

There's more humanity in one frame of this stunningly animated film than in your average queer romance.

It's so refreshing to witness a gay love story in which homophobia, violence, being closeted, or toxic masculinity are not the ones threatening a couple's relationship; instead, their personalities and opposing goals/dreams are the ones pulling them apart.

Also, can we talk about Anton being the most relatable queer leading man I've ever seen? He's self-sabotaging, set in his ways, insecure, not thin (finally!), charming yet hermit-like and kind of antisocial, and of course, over-dramatic to the point you just wanna slap him a couple of times and see if he snaps out of his bullshit. Think Jonathan Groff on Looking but slightly less annoying.

The dashes of High Fidelity (the protagonist listing top 10's, or in this case, top 3's) and Chasing Amy (the protagonist creating personal graphic art out of his real-life love story) were just icing on the cake.

An endlessly rewatchable film about the compromises one needs to reach in order to have a healthy relationship. Well, that, and about buying strawberry costumes for small dogs online.

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