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  • Edvard Munch

    Edvard Munch


    To fully understand the work of Peter Watkins, it is important to understand the context in which he made his films. This rule is especially important in the appreciation of Edvard Munch, without a doubt his most personal achievement, and one of the few who received praise from the public. The NRK, the Norwegian broadcasting company that co-produced the show, was particularly displeased by this potential success; it may be because of the fact that Watkins was a foreign director,…

  • La Commune (Paris, 1871)

    La Commune (Paris, 1871)


    13 days.

    In 13 days, Peter Watkins, his team and 200 non-professional actors worked together to create one of the most important piece of cinema of all time. Its 6 hour runtime may seem intimidating, but every second is crucial to achieve Watkins' objective.

    The director was already known for his critiques of mass media, and its tendency to silence those who challenges the status quo - he himself was the victim of the system, notably with the release of…

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  • Lamb




    The unconvincing feed-back made me skip this one when it hit the theaters, but a friend of mine bought the beautiful A24 blu-ray so we decided to give it a chance. It definitely is at its best when it stays in this weird limbo of odd realism, where the couple raises their lamb-child as if they formed a normal family. The problem is that such a paper-thin premise can barely make a film, so they had to add some…

  • Inland Empire

    Inland Empire



    The first two hours may honestly be Lynch at his best; his complete mastery over atmosphere is beyond even his great est works, forming a cinematic pool of madness extreme enough to make the viewer lose any grip on logic yet structured enough to lead somewhere. It is one of those films one could write off as pretentious or overtly intellectual, but the ride itself is so insane trying to make sense of it seems like a waste of…

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  • Inès



    J’espère que les acteurs recevront la reconnaissance qu’ils méritent pour avoir fait de leur mieux avec ce qui leur a été donné. Un grand merci donc à Maxime Dumontier qui joue le seul personnage à peu près psychologiquement stable du film, à Roy Dupuis qui a l’émotion parfaite pour son rôle cruellement unidimensionnel et plus encore à Rosalie Bonenfant qui se donne à fond dans une prestation parfois touchante mais surtout plombée par un scénario et des dialogues se…

  • Sam


    Habituellement je préfère écrire ma critique quelques jours après avoir vu le film, histoire de bien laisser le film reposer, donner un avis qui a assez de recul. Sam fait exception à la règle, puisque je me doutais déjà du dénouement de l'histoire rien qu'en regardant la bande-annonce. On m'a pourtant averti qu'un aspect thriller inusité à ce genre de drame sportif-ish rendais le film plus intéressant, j'ai donc voulu lui donner une chance.

    C'est très mauvais. L'aspect thriller tant…