Tenet ★★★★½

Enjoyed this way more than reviews lead me to believe. Will be rewatching soon to give a definitive review, but here are some quick notes.
Very plot driven, not a whole ton of character dev until the end,but when it's done it was done well.
The music while not having the normal depth we have become accustomed to from Zimmer, was still competent and added a lot to the experience.
I honestly understood everything that was said I know some people are complaining about the sound mixing but it was fine where I saw it. The most challenging part is just keeping up because it's all delivered so fast.
Any movie that has me excited to watch it a second time half way through it is proof to me that it's at least good in my book.
Watching it tomorrow night so more thoughts on it then since it's such a large film.
Viewed at Cinemark theater

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