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  • Below Her Mouth

    Below Her Mouth

    I asked Netflix about "Imagine you and me" and they suggested this movie instead. I watched it with my dog by my side. He uses to bark at sex scenes because of the moaning. He had a lot to bark during this movie, which was a good thing since his barks are less cringy than the few conversations between the main characters.

  • The Babadook

    The Babadook

    I was looking for a "short" movie, and I remembered someone saying that this one was good. Well, I never thought 94 minutes would feel so long for a movie.

    The main characters are annoying, the actor playing the kid can't act, and it was painful to watch. The story has nothing special, it's a basic horror movie.

    1/5 would not watch again.

  • Greta



    I'll start with the worst part of this movie: the terrible decision making of the characters, and especially the lead character. I had a lot of facepalms watching this. Also Chloe's acting (as the lead character) wasn't always on point, and the movie was kinda cliché.

    BUT I gave this movie 3 stars and a like, it couldn't be that bad right? I thought it was enjoyable to watch, the movie isn't too long (98 minutes can be considered as…