Midsommar ★★★★½

A couple days after my viewing of this and I still don’t feel up to the task of writing about it.

I didn’t think this was all too special until the car ride home when my four friends and I discussed the theories of this film. Then it started to set in. 

Then a couple hours later as I was in the dark thinking about what I just watched, it started to set in more. The pure terror of a film that is not that scary, if we’re being honest. 

This is this generation’s The Shining. Enjoy it. 

I think it’s especially important to note how may different ways the events that transpired could be interpreted. None of them being more correct than the others. 

Imma be vague, but I believe that the key is in “the black one” and the opening sequence was not self-inflicted, but instead the first domino in a series of events that all culminate to the last one. That would involve some supernatural aspects. You could also view the beginning as a suicide and then nothing is really supernatural, just weird and one group’s beliefs. That’s the beauty of this. 

Can we talk about the cinematography? It was fucking awesome. The camera movements made me dizzy of the bat and I haven’t seen much like this besides maybe Irreversible. 

Also, bravo on the trip sequences being actual trip sequences and not cartoony. It’s hard to not overdo, but what Ari Aster portrays is spot on. Plus, this film is perfectly paced and never feels overlong despite its runtime. 

Strong 9. I can see me bumping it up to 10 on rewatch.

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