Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

Two noteworthy things from the 70mm showing:
1) They showed a trailer for The Joker which is getting a 70mm release
2) If 70mm becomes now what 3D was in the early 2010's, I will be more than fine with that.

I watched this film Friday night and haven't felt like sitting down and talking about it since. This is because the film is simultaneously two very different things: Tarantino's most subdued effort and Tarantino's most self-indulgent.

It's his most subdued because it lends itself completely to the era, and the story meanders through the runtime like it's being told by one of the hippies that Rick Dalton so vocally despises. It's also a simple story, one that consists solely of Rick Dalton meeting Roman Polanski (when stripped away of all extra plot devices). There is notably little fat to chew on.

But, man, does this bleed Tarantino. We get references to Django and Inglourious, some of his most personal writing yet, his love for 60's Hollywood and spaghetti westerns and television. This is all about what Tarantino loves, so when it's time for violence at the end he cranks it up to 11.

Cliff Booth is one of QT's cooler characters ever. It was amazing seeing Sharon Tate on screen, as well as young Polanski. There are so many little easter eggs littered throughout that I know for a fact I will need another viewing of this to catch them all. The Antonio Marghareti shoutout being my favorite of the bunch.

I really loved this and I see myself loving it more the second time.

Strong 8.

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