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This review may contain spoilers.

“temporal pincer movement” my brain is so tiny

but seriously the pure euphoria of seeing a nolan film in cinemas (despite terrible sound mixing ugh, i need subtitles) + the way john david washington, 1.9m tall elizabeth debicki, and my white boy of the month rob pattinson are the sexiest cast i’ve seen this year. mm i like movies that call me dumb i love it do it harder

god i’ve really missed nolan’s specific brand of sexy, intellectually demanding, somewhat opaque, stylish as hell sci-fi. i know i’ll be thinking about this for days so if anyone wants to talk mechanics w me hmu pls i have Questions and i hope someone with a juicier brain has answers:


i need to know what the mechanics behind the turnstile things are? also what was the point behind the pincer operation at the end to retrieve the algorithm? why couldn’t john david washington and the beard guy just run a two-man sting

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