Fighting with My Family

Fighting with My Family ★★★½

Don't mean to be a smart-ass but when it comes to pro wrestling, I kinda am and I can't help it. If you grew up a WWE fan and had to fight with your sister(s) over the TV cause Charmed was playing at the same time as Monday Night Raw, this movie is for you! It's pretty meta for me especially because my sisters were fans of Charmed, and so was this young British girl from a wrestling family who went on to become Paige (named after one of the Charmed leads) whilst her brother, also a wrestling geek, gets rejected by the WWE. Florence Pugh will become the biggest thing in Hollywood soon, I called Jennifer Lawrence when I was 11, I am not kidding about this one. Vince Vaughn is sooo great as Sextape, a coach, who has an integral part in the story. I love this. Made me feel nostalgic and happy, kinda wish I was a kid again.

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