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  • The Devil to Pay!

    The Devil to Pay!


    Remarkable primarily for being probably the most lightweight and forgettable film I've ever encountered. Holistically useful to see the utterly average. The plot extends to "blonde or brunette" and is a mere scaffolding for vicariously experiencing a life of ease where you don't need to have money to be rich as light entertainment at the onset of the Depression. Pleasant enough but without even the ambition to be screwball or even comic.

  • Solitaire for 2

    Solitaire for 2


    So bad it's dull! So dull it's bad! Why is this shitty dude our protagonist and not the mind-reading woman? Why does he get the girl without improving as a person at all?

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  • Dementia



    (Permit me to ramble.)

    By all rights, this movie should not exist. The principal creatives of this project (the director John Parker, and the lead actress Adrienne Barret who literally dreamed the plot) were a strike of lightning, never to recur. They shouldn't be making silent movies in 1955, they shouldn't even be making independent films in Hollywood for that matter! A film that shares a cinematographer with Plan 9 From Outer Space should not be dripping with chiaroscuro beauty…

  • American Beauty

    American Beauty


    This movie truly believes in its heart of hearts that it is clever and insightful, when it is actually a trite and deeply, deeply tiresome exercise in 6th-grader insight on The Phonies, and about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the nards, what with its rote use of one-trait cardboard cutouts who get their due with hamhanded dramatic irony: the homophobe — get this — is GAY! The lionization of pedophilia is a bit of a dealbreaker too. The only…