Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★

i wish michael myers came out from under the floorboards in the theater and killed me while watching this ngl

EDIT: okay now that the dust has somewhat settled and i managed to get my head straightened out i will say a couple positives first. the film is well made on a directoral standpoint, the kills are delightfully violent and sadistic as hell (one in particular felt very cathartic) and carpenter's score as usual is excellent. pretty much the only reason why i haven't rated this lower is for those reasons alone. everything else is just a massive failure from a writing standpoint. unlikable and abhorrent characters, over-reliance on nostalgia in substitution for depth, clumsy as hell and even downright awful social commentary, and upsetting plot points used as shock value and for nothing more other than shock value. if 2018 was about overcoming your trauma and finally beating your demons while bookending what began them in the first place, then this is an ugly and nihilistic outlook on why none of your actions in doing so mattered actually and attempting to defeat them will only make things worse for not just you but everyone else around. a dour and disgusting film held up only by its technical prowess. it's not good

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