Harakiri ★★★★★

I am an idiot.

Why is it that I still dread watching "classics"? I'm talking about those foreign, black and white movies that are whispered about only in the halls of letterboxd. Why do I put off watching them for months, and finally force myself to watch them only through the guise of a challenge? Was Rashomon not enough? Did the magnificence of Citizen Kane not convince me that hyperbole has no sway when a masterpiece is on screen? Did I not finally sit down, ready to "endure" Tokyo Story, only to slap my forehead and groan, "Never again, you idiot."

Well, here I was, yet again. Me, the fucking idiot. Kobayashi, about to blow my socks off.

Harakiri may well be one of the most perfectly told stories I've ever seen. It's so meticulously plotted, so rich in detail, so profound in simplicity, so beautiful in technique.

But you know what's best of all? This film is fucking exhilarating! It's not Tokyo Story, which I absolutely love but can totally understand why someone would be bored to death. This is a movie I started watching lying on my bed, and ended on my feet, my hands outstretched like a mad pantomime woman, muscles tensed and eyes watering from not daring to blink and miss a millisecond of Kobayashi's glorious masterpiece.

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