Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★

100 Movies Challenge #22

I want to rewind and rewatch everything from the beginning.

An irreverent mush of genres with three sharp, wry performances and a killer script by Shane Black.

Message to Shane Black: well done. Iron Man 3 was pretty enjoyable. It had some depth and some cool lines. Honestly, I never thought I'd see a superhero in a tentpole blockbuster have PTSD breakdowns and call a kid a pussy.

You've written and directed a movie that grossed over a billion. Awesome. Now please, please go back to smaller movies. Movies that are dark and unpredictable, movies that twist the format in fresh and interesting ways, movies that blur the lines between comedy and drama, where observations are as funny as they are true. Movies like this one.

(But not exactly like this one. You've made this one. No need to repeat yourself.)

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