The Hunt

The Hunt ★★½

You could certainly make the case that this is the most cursed movie in recent years. I remember watching The Interview and thinking "I wish this movie was a better movie, because it's biggest strength is the controversy." Unfortunately I had the same thought running through my head for pretty much the entire run time here. The Hunt is definitely better, there are some pretty funny lines and good action set pieces, but on the whole I think without the controversy surrounding it, this would have come and gone without making a blip (I know technically it never really had a chance to come in the first place, but the point remains). Gilpin isn't someone I've seen much of, but she's pretty good. There's obviously a lot of parallels to The Most Dangerous Game , as well as You're Next (a movie I actually like quite a bit), and it tries to say something relevant about the political world we live in, but I just found myself not caring very much after the third or fourth ultra gory death.

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