Total Recall ★★★★★

With my view-count for this film being way into the double digits and having a long-term love for Arnold Schwarznegger, this review may be a little biased, so you have been warned.

The film begins in future Earth, focusing on the the events of Douglas Quaid living his life with an unshakeable, inexplainable urge to travel to Mars. His ventures to 'Recall' - a memory implantation centre - get Quaid caught up in the future of Mars, leaving the viewer questioning - is he truly trying to save Mars, or is he living out a memory implant?

Fans of Schwarzenegger wont be disappointed as classic Arnold quotes and scenes are in abundance, adding to the experience of the movie and providing great comedic value.

For all Sci-Fi lovers, this film is a must. A suprisingly enthralling and deep plot merged with a great mix of action and scenery seperates 'Total Recall' from many other Arnie films - whilst still keeping the signature Schwarznegger vibe. The movie provides an interesting look into Verhoeven's visualisation of human life on Mars back in the 90s (even if the make-up appears a little dated) all adding to the overall atmosphere of the film and giving a truly unique experience.

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