Mandy ★★★★

I could completely understand why someone would think this was awful while someone else could think it was amazing. It was a little all over the place, it portrayed the two most passionate extremes, sexuality and violence. There was also a little bit of animation, some title cards every once in awhile, and some bright ass colors that were only cool for about 5 minutes(then I wished I was just watching something else because I eventually got tired of looking at bright galactic reds, purples, and blues taking up the screen) so I guess I’ll take this time to warn people who are prone to epileptic seizures. 
Anyway, I wish it had gotten to the last 50 minutes much sooner, that’s when Nic Cage really took over and this shit turned into one of the most gruesome movies of the year. Off overall enjoyment I would probably rate this 4-4.5/5 but when I take the editing and weaker first half into consideration I guess I have to go with a 3. This definitely had strong performances though as well as an amazing soundtrack. 

Edit one day later: you know what im allowed to  think this was great, I’m changing my rate to 4/5 instead of 3 this movie fucking FUCKS

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